Flocenter - National Duals and Liberty

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Flocenter - National Duals and Liberty

by Joe Williamson at Flowrestling on February 1, 2012

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This week on Flocenter the guys talk about the team situation in the NCAA which continues to keep us interested week after week. After taking 2 losses on the road to Penn State and Ohio State last weekend, Iowa stops a tough Minnesota at home while Penn State dominated Ohio State. Oklahoma State is the only top team to remain undefeated but a lot of people think Penn State is the team to beat.
National Duals are coming up just around the corner and this is going to be the first year for the new "Final Four" format. Most of the top teams are on board but Penn State will not be attending and this caught the attention of many who thought it was a short sighted decision on Penn State's part.

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