Weekend Ahead on Flo

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Weekend Ahead on Flo

by Mark Bader at FloWrestling on November 11, 2011

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This weekend there is plenty going on at Flowrestling. JoeFlo will be heading up to Iowa for a Krause Camp and just might take a detour to Iowa City on his way and stop by to see how the Hawkeyes are doing.

Mark Morris will be broadcasting Live streams from Binghamton on Saturday for dual meets and Sunday for the Binghamton Open. Saturday Binghamton will be wrestling against George Mason and their first year head coach Joe Russell at 4pm EST and Sacred Heart at 6pm.

Wrestling fanatic David Bray will be giving his first coverage a shot as he will be attending the Cowboy Open at the University of Wyoming and will be posting the finals for us to see.

Chad Erikson will be reppin the GFLO (GuillotineFlo) out at the Bison Open at North Dakota State university and will have some great matches to bring us from there with teams like Minnesota likely in the field. Speaking of Minnesota, next week kicks off the BLD season on Friday with Minnesota at Cornell and then will will bring you live audio from Minnesota at Penn State on Sunday.

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