Greg Urbas

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Urbas and Ed's Back On Top

on March 15, 2015

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Greg Urbas has taken over a legendary program high school program and found a way to not miss a beat.

This is some of the feats of St. Edward high school wrestlers

we have had 4 NCAA champions (Jim Heffernan - Iowa/1986, Greg Wright - Edinboro/1986, Alan Fried - Oklahoma State/1994, Ryan Bertin - Michigan/2003 & 2004) and an NAIA Two-time National Champion, Duke McKean - Olivet Nazerene/ 1992 & 1993. We have had 51 All-Americans.

State Tournament Stats

Since 1959, St.Edward wrestlers have been very successful at the state tournament with 308 qualifiers over the past 49 years, of these, 231 have placed. 83 have won state titles; including two four-time state champions
- Ryan Lang and Lance Palmer; Six three timers/ Alan Fried, Eddie Jayne, Mark Jayne, Sean Nemec, Matt Koz, and Mason Lenhard. There have been ten two timers/
Greg Elinsky, Jim Heffernan, Andy Hrovat, Mike Kulczycki, Mark Moos, Yoshi Nakamura, Sam Neider, Jeff Strauss, Phil Welch, and Collin Palmer( currently Junior seeking to become a four time state champ like older brother Lance.)
St.Edward has the state record for most individual state champs (83), most team championships (23, 11 consecutive), most state placers (231), and most points scored in the state tournament (229), and most qualifiers(14) and placers(13) at the state tournament

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