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197 lbs WAR Dustin Kilgore KSU VS Logan Brown Purdue

by GOhio Casts on January 19, 2011

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Dustin Kilgore and Logan Brown at an all out war during their 197lb match at the Purdue-Kent St match.

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REF 6 years ago

I am biased. I can't stand wrestlers who wrestle cheap. I would have not hesitated to throw either one of the two out but from what I saw Brown would have been the one and from talking to other people in the Big 10 Browns reputation is not all that great. I know both wrestlers hands are in each others face but lets look at intent. It appears that Browns intent is to blind Kilgore and to provoke a response which he did. Thats what I'm saying and I have excellent caracter.

Timestamper 6 years ago're asking me at :18 What did he do? Are you serious? Your OWN WORDS in previous post:

"Read the rule book. No hands to the face. From the begining Browns hands are in the face of Kilgore"

All I'm saying is that no hands to the face goes both ways. Obviously you are biased and should NOT be an official. I stand by my decision to defend the official of this match as it's impossible to see everything. But to watch this afterwards and show bias is a true reflection of your charecter.

REF 6 years ago

Look at it more closely.

:18 What did he do? Retaliation. Please.
:24 Brown hands to the face. Yes their are quite a few of them but Brown is alway leading with his fingers. How many time do you hit someone in the face and try to justify it as a set up?
3:07 Kilgore does use the crossface excessively and in a punishing manner.
3:37 Are you kidding me.
3:58 Brown fingers to face.
4:08 Brown is being taken down and he has his thumb in Kilgores eye socket. I guess thats how he got the first black eye. Kilgore jumps back holding his face.
5:17 Brown fingers to face.
5:29 Browns thumb is in Kilgores eye socket like holding a bowling ball as he is being taken down.
5:36 Kilgore retaliation.
7:40 Brown extra push out of bounds.
7:51 Brown fingers to face.
7:52 Kilgore makes fist.
10:00 Brown pushes Kilgore when out of bounds.
10:55 Brown pushes Kilgore when out of bounds.
10:59 Kilgore kick.

Lets recap the cheap moves.
11:11 Brown first time he is penalized for hands to face.

Timestamper 6 years ago

Let's recap the cheap moves:

0:18 - Look at Kilgore's right hand at the very beginning
0:24 - Brown retaliates after whistle is blown
Whole match - Hands in the face by both wrestlers (Too many to list them all)
3:07 - Excessive crossface by Kilgore
3:37 - Hand in mouth by Kilgore
5:36 - Shove in back after whistle blown by Kilgore
7:59 - Thrown punch by Kilgore as time expired
10:52 - Thrown slap by Kilgore
10:56 - Attempted knee to the head by Kilgore

Obviously Kilgore was ticked about something, so Brown couldn't possibly be totally innocent. Either way, if you watch the official during everything that was caught on camera, he's only in position to see the cheap stuff a few times. Both wrestler's embarrassed the sport and their schools in this match...would love to see these two in an MMA competition though!!!

REF 6 years ago


Yes, Kilgore should have been penalized and was for the out of bounds push. However, look at the action prior to the push. Brown stuck his thumb in Kilgores eye when he was taken down. You can't see it but people I spoke to saw what happend.

To my second detractor. These are men and they are not always going to stop and ask for a time out like you see in high school or if your from IA. Read the rule book. No hands to the face. From the begining Browns hands are in the face of Kilgore and it gets out of hand.

Go back a year or two and do some research on the Ref who did that match and let me know what you find out about him.

wrestleme 6 years ago

Somebody finally gave it back to Brown. Advice to Kilgore - - If you wrestle him again, keep your hands away from his mouth.

Kilgore fan 6 years ago

"I hope we see you!"

hahaha-logan brown will get punked again.

observer 6 years ago

Logan Brown is a cheap crappy wrestler.

Come on 6 years ago

Anyone who thinks Kilgore initaited this is either Logan Browns mother, or heavy supporters of Purdue. Either way, you have an agenda if you think Logan Brown is the innocent victim in this match.

wrestling fan 6 years ago

Brown sure doesnt wrestle like an 8th ranked wrestler. 13-3? He clearly has a reputation and its good to see someone kick his a**! Wrestling doesn't need garbage like him. Kilgore although defending himself in this match is always a class act and a top notch wrestler.

irule 6 years ago

all I can say is WOW! They keep saying Logan Brown is the "dirty wrestler" for gouging the kids eye. How can he be the dirty wrestler when Kilgore pushes Brown after the whistle was blown, and throws a few punches here and there. Ref and you negative people clearly needs glasses regardless who was at fault. Brown wouldn't be 8th in the Nation if he was a dirty wrestler, and wouldn't be going for All American.

roll through 6 years ago

that cheap tilt is a good counter to break a guys base when he is in on an inside single, that's why they teach it

J 6 years ago

It seems Kilgore starting to take justice into his own hands only after being repeatedly and intentionally poked in the eyes several times. That is what happens when a ref does not step in to control the emotions of the wrestlers. A wrestler (Kilgore) then has no choice but to protect himself and not allow himself to be bullied. I t was w/o question Brown who initiated the dirty tactics, and we all know it occurs more than it should while Logan Brown wrestles. Not a coincidence IMO. Brown tries to bring superior opponents down to his level by doing the things he does. What choice does Kilgore have if the ref is not going to tell Brown to stop gouging his eyes until 1 minute left in the match?(which is hilarious in its own right that he waited so long to act) Is he supposed to just let it happen?

... 6 years ago

Looking at the video and being there in person it was Kilgore attempting a punch, pushing Brown from behind well after they went out of bounds and even trying to give Brown a knee to the face. People in the crowd were yelling for a DQ on Kilgore and the match was in Ohio, not Indiana. It looked to me like Brown kept his composure, although who knows what was said between the two wrestlers on the mat. In regards to the hands to the face, both wrestlers were doing that, not just Brown. You'd think that if either of the wrestlers got poked in the eye the immediate reaction would be to step back and ask for injury time. It happens all the time in wrestling with an accidental poke in the eye the wrestler who is poked grabs his face and asks for injury time. Kilgore didn't show the affects of a poke in the eye until there was a stoppage in the action. It was obvious to a lot of people who were there that Kent State and their coaching staff got out of hand, even before the Brown-Kilgore match took place. This match just went over the top.

roll through 6 years ago

that cheap tilt is a good counter to break a guys base when he is in on an inside single, that's why they teach it

bopper 6 years ago

I'd pull my team.

beatdown 6 years ago

Brown wanted no part of a clean wrestling match with Kilgore. The only chance he could have is a disqualification. Glad to see him get his but kicked. And who is this ref? Missing calls all match. Hope hes not at NCAA's.

JM 6 years ago

If Kilgore wrestles Brown again (I hope), he needs to get a pair of those "Jon Trenge" goggles to nullify the blatant eye gouging, then put a hurtin' on him he'll remember for a long time!

Doesnt Surprise Me! 6 years ago

Logan Brown has always been a dirty wrestler, ever since high school. Sometimes he uses it to his advantage but this is just ridiculous. You obviously can see the fingers digging in Kilgores eyes on that double. This is just out of control, if i was Kilgore I was have been very angry too

REF 6 years ago

Brown's hands to the face and eyes should have been called in the first period. Don't like to be critical of another official but if you let that stuff go on it only get worse as it did. The official has to take the blame for this one. You don't get a black eye from incidental contact to the face in wrestling.

I've officiated Kilgore and he is usally composed. This is the first time I have ever seen him get like this.

Cliff Fretwell 6 years ago

Tom Erickson doesn't call him the "thug" for no reason.

wow 6 years ago

Kent kid should be DQ wow bad ref Kent Coaches are bad as well is this Peewee's

i think your full of CRAP 6 years ago

Logan is a good Wrestler or he would not be ranked. i think you might want to watch this again who is swinging

jvallstar 6 years ago

Good intensity. Kilgore clearly the dominant wrestler.

terrible ref 6 years ago

Ref needs to do a much better job of controlling the emotions of the two competitors when it gets this out of hand. Makes for great entertainment though.

... 6 years ago

Logan Brown is just a dirty wrestler, he did the same thing when my friend kicked his ass in wrestling, he would try and grab and break his fingers and gauge his eyes, kid is not a good wrestler he just wrestles dirty.

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